Fussball (The Association Game) und Rugby 1887 – Die Geschichte des Fussballspiels in England

Zum Thema Fussball habe ich ein weiteres Buch bei archive.org gefunden. Das Buch mit dem Titel Athletics and Football ist bereits 1887 erschienen. In diesem Buch erfährt man vieles über die Geschichte des Sports, vor allem finet man aber viele recht humorvolle Bilder über den Sport. Dem Fussball sind mehrere kapitel gewidmet. Zunächst erfährt man viel über die Geschichte der Ballspiele in England. Anschliessend gibt es detaillierte Kapitel über Rugby und Fussball (The Association Game).

Im Vorwort kann man lesen dass viele der Bilder nach originalen Fotografien entstanden die bei Sportveranstaltungen gemacht wurden – vermutlich gehören diese Bilder also zu den ersten authentischen Zeugnissen von Fussballspielen und anderen Sportveranstaltungen.

In diesem Beitrag habe ich die Bilder zum Fussball und zu Rugby zusammengestellt. Weitere Bilder folgen in eigenen Beiträgen.

Quelle: Athletics and football (1887) by Montague Sherman

Weitere Ausgaben dieses Buches

Aus dem Vorwort

A word must be added about the illustrations to this volume. Many are engraved from instantaneous photographs, taken by Mr. G. Mitchell, who attended some of the chief football matches and athletic gather- ings of the season. The veritable attitude and action of the men have thus been obtained. So far as the author is aware, the present is the first occasion in which the newest development of photography has been utilised for illustrating a work upon athletic sports.

Video mit den Bildern dieses und des vorigen Blog-Beitrags

Über die Geschichte des Fussballs

The game of football is undoubtedly the oldest of all the English national sports. For at least six centuries the people have loved the rush and struggle of the rude and manly game, and kings with their edicts, divines with their sermons, scholars with their cultured scorn, and wits with their ridicule have failed to keep the people away from the pastime they enjoyed. Cricket may at times have excited greater interest amongst the leisured classes ; boat-races may have drawn larger crowds of spectators from distant places ; but football, which flourished for centuries before the arts of boatmg or cricketing were known, may fairly claim to be not only the oldest and the most characteristic, but the most essentially popular sport of England. Football has now developed into a variety of highly organised games, and the difficulty of finding its actual origin is as great as that of discovering the commencement of athletic contests. If men have run races ever since the creation, it may almost be said that they have played at ball since the same date.