Musical Shell - Musikalische Muschel

Musical Shell – Musikalische Muschel

There is a very considerable Shell, which Mons. du Mon-
tel thinks may be found in some of the Caribby-Islands,
though he never saw any of that kind but only at Corassao : It
differs not much as to figure from the Venusshells : It may be
called the Musical-shell, because on the out-side of it there are
blackish lines, full of notes, which have a kind of key for the
singing of them, so that it might be said there wants only the
letter to that natural pricking : The forementioned Gentle-
man relates, that he saw some that had five Lines, a Key and
Notes, which made good Musick : Some person had added the
Letter, which it seems Nature had forgotten, and caus’d it to
be sung, and the Musick was not undelightful.