Hai - Sharkfish

Hai – Sharkfish
The Requiem, otherwise called the Shark-Fish, is a kind of
Sea-Dog or Sea Wolf, the most devouring of all Fishes,
and the most greedy of mans flesh : He is much to be feared by
such as go a swimming : He lives altogether by prey, and com-
monly follows the ships to feed on the filth cast out of them in-
to the sea. These Monsters seem to be of a yellowish colour in
the water : Some of them are of an unmeasurable length and
bigness, and such as are able to cut a man in two at one bite :
Their skin is rough, and there are made of it soft files to poliih
wood : Their heads are flat, and the opening of their mouth is
not just before the snout, but under it : Whence it comes, that
to fasten on their prey they are forc’d to turn their bellies al-
most upwards : Their teeth are very sharp and very broad,
being jagged all about like a Saw : Some of them have three
or four ranks of these in each jaw-bone : These teeth lye with-
in the gums, but they make them sufficiently appear when there
is occasion.