Fliegender Fisch

Fliegender Fisch

There are some who think what is said of the Flying-Fishes
a pure fiction, though confirmed by the relations of ma-
ny famous Travellers : But what opinion soever they may have
thereof who believe only what they have seen, it is a certain
truth that as soon as Ships have pass’d the Canaries, thence to
the islands of America, there are often seen rising out of the Sea
great numbers of Fishes which fly about the height ot a Pike
above the water, and near a hundred paces distance, but no
more, in regard their wings are dried by the Sun: They are
somewhat like Herrings, but have a rounder head and they are
broader on the back: their wings are like those of a Bat, which
begin a little below the head, and reach almost to the ail : It
happens many times that in their flight they strike against the
sails of Ships, and fall even in the day time upon the Deck.