Coot - Blesshuhn

Coot – Blesshuhn
The lslands called the Virgins are of the Caribbies the best
furnished with abundance of Sea and Land-Fowl : for
besides the forementioned , whereof they have good store,
there is a kind of Coot, or Moor-hen, admirable for the beauty
of its feathers: they are no bigger then Pigeons, but have a
much longer beak of a yellow colour, are higher set, and their
legs and feet are of a bright red : the feathers of the back,
wings and tail are of a shining carnation intermixt with green
and black, which serves for a soil to let off the beauty of the
other colours.- Under the wings and on the belly their fea-
thers are of a golden yellow : their neck and breads are adorned
with a delightful mixture of all the colours they have
about their bodies; and their head, which is very small, and
beset with two little sparkling eyes, is crowned with a tuft of
several little feathers of several pleasant colours.