Kolibri - Colibri or Humming-Bird

Kolibri – Colibri or Humming-Bird
We will conclude this story of the Caribbtan Fowl, with
an account of the Colibry, or as it is otherwise commonly
called by English Writers the Humming-Bird , a Bird admirable
for its beauty, bulk, sweet scent, and manner of life
for being the least of all Birds, he gloriously confirmes the
faying of Pliny, that, Natura nusquam magis quam in minimis
tota eft : Nature is ever greatest in its least productions. Some
of these Birds are no bigger bodied then some of the greater
sorts of Flies : Some are of so beautiful a plumage, the neck,
wings and back represent the Rain-bow, which the Ancients
call’d Iris, the Daughter of Admiration :