American Swallow - Amerikanische Schwalbe

American Swallow – Amerikanische Schwalbe
Some years since there was brought to a curious Person
living at Rochel a Bird about the bigness of a Swallow, and
like it, saving that the two great feathers of the tail were a
little shorter, and the beak turn’d downwards like a Parrot’s
and the feet like a Duck’s : It was black, save only that under
the belly there was a little white like our Swallows; in
fine it was fo like them, that it may well be called the
Swallow of America. We have assign’d it a place among the Sea
and River-fowl, inasmuch as its feets discover its subsitance by
the waters. And in regard it is so rare a Bird that no Author
That we know of hath spoken of it, we thought fit to give a
Sculp of it, the draught whereof was taken from the living