Flying Tiger - Tigerkäfer

Flying Tiger – Tigerkäfer
THere is another insect called by some the Flying-Tyger,
because its body is chequer’d with spots of several colours,
as the Tyger is. It is about the bignefs of the horned
Beetle. The head is sharp, and hath two great eyes as green
and fsparkling as an Emerald . His mouth is arm’d with two hard
hooks extreamly sharp , with which he holds fast his prey,
while he gets out the subftance of it. The whole body is cover’d
with a hard and swarthy crustiness, which ferves him for
armor : Under his wings , which are also of a solid matter,
there are four lesser wings which are as thin as any silk : It hath
six legs, each whereof hath three joynts, and they are bristled
with certain little prickles : In the day time he is continually
catching other Insects and in the night he sits on the Trees,
whence he makes a noise like that of the Cigales.